WARC - Asian Strategy (Bronze) for Creative effectiveness in personal care

The shampoo category in India is designed to woo women. While millions are spent by brands to help women choose their favourite shampoo on fine discrimination, there is not a single brand trying to win men's hearts. There is no 'men's shampoo brand' in the Indian market to speak of.

This is understandable, as for a long time men in India have been brought up to ignore little things like their shampoo and focus on career and family life. In fact, for them being concerned with grooming is a rather feminine thing.

It is only recently that Indian men have started showing signs that they are taking personal grooming seriously and personally.

The market giants have kept themselves busy with thriving segments like shaving and deodorants, which has given Park Avenue a chance of breaking into shampoo.

By virtue of its exclusively male interests and innovative approach Park Avenue was the first to sniff out and capitalize on an emergent opportunity. Through an extremely novel concept like beer shampoo and equally clutter-breaking communication, Park Avenue has caught the imagination of the Indian man. The brand has stamped itself on the segment and is ready to go places.